November 2 - 4, 2017


Panormo village in the county of Rethymnon/Greece


24 Professional Speakers


Dear friends and colleagues,

The 7th EURIPA Rural Health Forum that will be held in Panormo, Crete in Greece on November 2nd – 4th 2017. The theme for this year’s Forum is “Rural Renaissance”, and will focus on the importance of rural health in a constantly changing environment, predominated by the ongoing European financial and refugee crisis. The Forum is designed to bring together physicians, health professionals and medical trainees, working in rural health settings and offers the opportunity for all to contribute in their own way to discussing important issues regarding population health and health care service delivery in rural practice settings, through sessions, speeches and workshops.

The aim of the 2017 meeting is to promote synergy and solidarity between rural health practitioners, researchers, health policy makers and academicians.  This year’s program will include a wide range of interesting topics focusing on rural research and practice; addressed by seven major plenary themes: “Implementation science in rural settings”, “Ecology and environmental change”, “Cancer and rurality: Inspire action, take action”, “Lifestyle and health with focus on smoking and nutrition”, “financial and refugee crisis and the role of rural communities”, “Healthy and active ageing and wellbeing”, and “education and training of rural GPs”. WONCA networks and working parties have been also invited to contribute to the Forum by joining their forces to organize workshops and round tables focusing on integrated interdisciplinary approaches of health care.

It is well known that Greece has been affected by the financial crisis and the Greek population struggles from austerity that has had a profound impact on people living in rural areas. As such we feel it very fitting that our Forum will be held on the beautiful island of Crete where issues related to rural health populations are seen more today than ever. Together we will discuss not only the issues being faced but solutions – together we will increase our collective capacity to improve practice and research in rural health settings to better meet the needs of residents.

We look forward to welcoming you to Crete for this important gathering of Rural Health Professionals.


Christos Lionis, MD, PhD, FRCGP(Hon)

Chair of the Scientific Committee, EURIPA forum 2017

Professor of General Practice and Primary Health Care, University of Crete, Greece

Theodoros Vasilopoulos, MD, MSc

Chair of the Organizing Committee, EURIPA forum 2017

Member of  Council of WWRPR, Executive Committee of EURIPA, European General Practice Research Network (EGPRN), Heart Failure Association of the ESC (HFA)






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General planning

The title of the conference is “Rural Renaissance” featuring the importance of the enhancement of rural potential in a constantly changing environment, predominated by the ongoing financial and refugee crisis. This title attempts to correspond to the demands of a challenging world that has already recognized the health inequalities among and within rural regions. Therefore, holistic health needs assessment together with the essential four dimensions of the quality in Primary Health Care (PHC) (continuity, accessibility, comprehensiveness and coordination) as well as tailored policies were never more necessary for rural societies. These are core components of establishing a stable environment for “Rural Renaissance” under the light of equity and patient-centered PHC. PHC and General Practitioners (GPs) could become the agents for “Rural Renaissance”.

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Implementation science in rural settings Ecology and environmental change Cancer and rurality. Inspire action, take action Lifestyle and health with focus on smoking and nutrition Financial and refugee crisis and the role of rural communities Healthy and active ageing and wellbeing Education and training of rural GPs
Info: Chronic diseases (e.g. cardiovascular, respiratory), dementia and home care, behavioral factors and interventions, assessment of beliefs, attitudes and knowledge of rural communities and health care professionals are only a few topics that are embedded in the 7 plenary themes.

The conference will be hosted in Panormo village in the county of Rethymnon during 2nd-4th of November 2017 (Save the date). The University of Crete (UoC) has great experience in hosting big conferences and events including the 9th WONCA Rural Health conference in 2009. In addition, the UoC has already engaged scientific networks, regional authorities and key informants of the rural communities to this effort; attempting to bring together ideas, knowledge, people and a breath of the Cretan culture towards “Rural Renaissance”.

With great hope towards the first step through “Rural Renaissance”,


7th EURIPA Health Forum - Rural Renaissance


Extended Deadline for Abstract Submission – 1st September

Deadline for abstract submission is extended to 1st of September, 2017.  For your convenience, please e-mail Mrs. Dimitra Sifaki Pistolla ( )  with any questions that might arise regarding your online abstract submission. Detailed information about abstract submission can be found here

Abstract Submission Deadline Extended

Dear young and senior rural doctors, dear researchers, Deadline for abstract submission is extended to August 16th, 2017.  Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered.  For your convenience, please e-mail Mrs. Dimitra Sifaki Pistolla ( )  with any questions that might

Tentative Planning of the 7th EURIPA Health Forum

The 7th EURIPA Health Forum will be held for the first time in Crete, Greece; an island with great history, culture, geography and scientific activities. The title of the conference is “Rural Renaissance” featuring the importance of the enhancement of rural potential


Address: Panormo Geropotamou, GR 74057 Rethymno, Crete, Greece; MH.TE 1041K015A0036201


The 7th Euripa Rural Health Forum will be held at Sensimar Royal Blue Resort & Spa hotel.
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